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20+ Ombre Wall Paint Ideas – DIY Ombre Walls

The ombre, which starts at the hair and splashes up to the decoration, means shadow in French.
The ombre, which helps us to see all the shades of a color from its most sheer to the open, is mostly used in the walls in decoration.

Where Should We Use Ombre in Decoration?

It is also possible to see Ombre outside the walls of curtains, pillows, duvet covers, such as textiles. However, the subject of this article is how we can paint ombre walls.
If you want to carry this effect on your walls, let’s start to examine the ombre painting technique and see houses with ombre walls.

What You Need for DIY Ombre Wall

There are 3 things you need to capture the ombre effect on your walls: different shades of color, brush and you 🙂
Although it is a bit tiring and time-consuming wall painting technique, I think it is worth for the result.

Here are examples of ombre walls with different color scales:

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