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Scandinavian Decorating Ideas – 20+ Scandinavian Home Design

Warm decoration style of the cold Scandinavian countries…

Simple and friendly at the same time!

What is Scandinavian Decoration Style?

To explain Scandinavian Decoration Style, perhaps we may use warm, simple and friendly terms.  But it is also worth mentioning the main points that distinguish this style from others.

You can say that the Scandinavian style is something about geographic conditions at first glance. Long last winter seasons and nights made white the main color. White is bright, heartwarming.

The Scandinavian houses are accompanied by white wood products to create a warm atmosphere and to distribute the cold air a little.

Scandinavian Decorating Tips

– The colors used outside of white include black, gray, cream, beige and brown tones.
– In Scandinavian houses, you can see that animal skins are preferred as carpet and more hairy carpets are used.
– On the seats, in chairs almost everywhere you can immediately notice that the posters are also used as decorative objects.
– Large windows are another feature of Scandinavian houses. The luminous environment is provided with these large windows and white background.
Industrial style lighting designs are indispensable for Scandinavian decoration style. Industrial stalactites positioned on the dining tables.
– You should not forget the pointed wooden legs. And the furniture that accompanies it, such as coffee tables, pouf…

Scandinavian Decorating Ideas

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